代写论文-Kennedy’s Assassination was more of a Conspiracy than a Single Man Act

代写论文-Kennedy’s Assassination was more of a Conspiracy than a Single Man Act


  • Introduction


On November 22nd, 1963, President Kennedy has shot twice the first one through his neck and the second one also the fatal one in his head as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. Only half an hour later, Kennedy was pronounced dead at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Many Americans were shocked, angry and sad at the leaving of Kennedy. The black maid in Mr. Garrison’s house cried and said, “a fine man, such as fine man (JFK).” Kennedy has achieved a lot for his country and people, therefore, has been deeply loved by American public until today. After the police had started an investigation, they arrested Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination of Kennedy. Then Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot his to death on TV two days later. Finally, the Warren Commission that was established for further investigation by President Johnson officially concluded that Oswald was the lone assassin. However, the majority of American believe that there were a conspiracy and Oswald was not the only shooter. On that date of every year, people would gather at the Dealey Plaza to memorize Kennedy and discuss with others why they think it was a conspiracy. This essay believes that the assassination of the president of United States could not be done by a single crazy man because of hatred.


  • Body Paragraph
  • Why kill Kennedy?


In the TV series about a man traveling back to 1960 through a closet to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy, old Al the owner of the restaurant named Dinner asked these questions and said, “ have you heard about butterfly effect? Do you think if JFK lived, Robert Kennedy would’ve run for president, seriously? So if Bobby doesn’t run, that means no Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968. Save JFK, save his brother. And that’s what I mean about the butterfly effect. Then there’s Vietnam. Johnson was the one who escalated everything in Nam. If Kennedy had survived, no way does the escalation continue. Those boys would’ve lived. You save Kennedy’s life; you make the world a better place (11.22.63).”

After Oswald was arrested, he never admitted that he murdered Kennedy, famously claiming that “I’m just a patsy (Bojczuk 54).”  And his wife Marina changed her mind and statements several times. She claimed that Oswald had not practiced firing a rifle, but she later changed her mind and told her interrogators what they wanted to hear: “I said before I had never seen it before. But I think you understand. I want to help you, and that is why there is no reason for concealing anything. I will not be charged with anything.” She then told the FBI that Oswald had practiced with his rifle in January 1963. On learning that Oswald had not, in fact, bought the rifle until two months later, she admitted that “she had been mistaken” and that she only “deduced that he might have been practicing with the rifle (55).” There was also testimony that Oswald publicly praised Kennedy as the president. It was the killing of the president, who is the most important figure in a country. Listening to these controversial testimonies, people would ask the question why he would kill the president.

What adds to the confusion is an interesting fact that the Warren Commission was not established to investigate truly the case but to convince the public that Oswald was the only shooter in Kennedy assassination. Therefore out of six questions such as “what did Oswald do on November 22, 1963? What was Oswald’s background? What did Oswald do in the U.S. Marine Corps, and in the Soviet Union? How did Ruby kill Oswald? What is Ruby’s background? What efforts were taken to protect the President on November 22 (6)”, none dealt with the bottom question what is the reason that got Kennedy killed. Fortunately, American people did not just buy what was sold to them. Since the 1970s, polls have consistently claimed that around three–quarters of the US population suspect that the Kenney assassination was the result of a conspiracy of one sort or another (8).

So if Oswald did not have the reason to kill Kennedy, who had the reason. Sex, money, addiction and emotion are the main reasons an ordinary person commits a crime. However, for the most important political figure, the reasons are deeper and more complicated. Who could benefit from the assassination and who has the power to cover it up? Government agencies such as CIA and FBI, Cuba, Black operations, and even President Johnson have often been accused of the conspiracy because they would lose hundreds of billions due to Kennedy’s peace plan with Cuba, Vietnam, and the Soviet Union. However, because the American government is clearly holding back information for the consideration of national reputation and other reason, the general public could never prove their doubts. Maybe it was done by one or several united. Anyway, the assassination does look much more like a conspiracy.


  • How is it possible for a single man to kill Kennedy?


     How many bodyguards are around President Obama? What kind of through security check procedure is carried out before the president moves? Kennedy was the first but the last president in American history who was killed by a rifle. An informant X told Mr. Garrison that he was ordered for the South Pole two weeks before the assassination, and he found out the news of assassination on the way back. Then he continued, “one of my routine duties if I’d been in Washington would’ve been to order additional security in Texas, so I checked it out and found that someone told the 112th military intelligence group at Fort Sam Houston to stand down that day over the protests of Colonel Reich. It’s standard procedure, especially in a known hostile city like Dallas to supplement the secret service. Even if we let him ride with bubble-top, we would’ve put one to two hundred agents on the sidewalk. We would’ve arrived days early, studied the route checked all the buildings, we’d never allow open windows on Dealey. Our own snipers would cover the area. A window goes up; they are on the radio. We’d watch the crowd, never let a man open an umbrella. Never let that limousine slow down to 10 miles an hour. Or take that unusual curve at Houston and Elm. You’d have felt an army presence in the streets that day. It was the violation of the basic protection codes that we have, and it is the best indication of a massive plot in Dallas (JFK).”

     There were also witnesses saying that they had also heard the shots coming from Grassy Knoll and seen white smoke and a person running at the fence. However, their testimonies were fabricated, altered and even totally forged in the Warren Report.

     What’s more, according to the November 1998 issue of Texas Monthly,

on January 2, 1979, the House of Representative’s Select Committee on Assassinations supported the Warren panel’s conclusion that Oswald fired the fatal shots. But, the committee also found that, based on audio recordings of the shooting taken from police radios at the time of the assassination, that a second gunman had fired at the motorcade from the grassy knoll. The House Select Committee concluded that President Kennedy “was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.” (Dealey Plaza Revisited)


  • after the assassination, several people died in a strange way


Jack Ruby died of heart attack David Ferri died in his apartment with an appearance of natural death. Guy Bannister Ex- FBI died suddenly before the Warren report came out. The railroad man, Lee Bowers, who saw the men at the picket fence, died in a graveyard because of a single car accident on an empty road in Midlothian, Texas. The doctor said he was in a strange shock when he died. Rose Cheramie, a whore who was the drug runner for Jack Ruby and said Ruby knows Oswald for years. She was dead because of a hit and run.


  • Conclusion


代写论文-Kennedy’s Assassination was more of a Conspiracy than a Single Man Act

     If the government does not want to support the finding of truth, all doubts could only stay as doubts. No matter how many books, newspapers, TV, and movies have been made for digging out the truth, the suspicious of conspiracy on the assassination of President Kennedy could not be proved. However, many people have devoted their time and energies to search facts, stand with paperboard vest on them, and explain the photos and information on Kennedy assassination to others, even sacrifice their family like Mr. Garrison in the movie. So let us hope someday the government could truly communicate this matter so that this fine man’s death could be explained, which is the best way to respect him as the fighter towards the country and people.