Personal Statement

Personal Statement

My interest in mathematics has established since I was still a child. Many parents in China regard that if a child could learn mathematics very well, they this child must be smart. Fortunately, I had a good performance in mathematics when I was a child. I was happy to be treated as a smart child, and this gave me a lot of confidence to show my talent in mathematics. I had always been on the top of the class in mathematic since the preliminary school and earned several awards in Olympic Math Competition. Math was just like my friend and it gave me great pleasure in my busy study. When deciding my university and major after the National College Entrance Examination, I had multiple good choices with my high score. However, I gave up the opportunity to study mechanics in one of the top universities in China. Instead, I chose to study applied mathematics at Hong Kong Baptist University. The reason was quite simple. Mathematics was my interest and beloved. Four years’ efforts in Hong Kong Baptist University and the further study in Fordham University endowed me with a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics. Besides, I pay more attention to the application of mathematics and statistics. I learned how to establish models with SAS, SimuLink, Gpss in courses like Numerical Methods, Mathematical Modeling, Design and Analysis of Surveys, and Regression Analysis.

In addition, the computer is the best tool that helps me polish my ability of the application in mathematics and statistics. After years’ of study in universities, I have mastered the skills of using various kinds of computer programming software and related knowledge to support the application of mathematics and statistics. I learned the basic C++ knowledge in my first semester in IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) and other computer languages, like R Language, SAS, SimuLink, Gpss, etc. With the good use of the computer and programming software, my interest in mathematics improved, so did my application ability of mathematics and statistics. I once used Matlab to program the basic math model for European option pricing on the course of Mathematical Finance and earned full credits. This experience confirmed my practical application ability of the mathematics and statistics knowledge I had learned. Also, it confirmed that my choice in pursuing my interest was right. Besides, I had learned numerical methods for various ODE and PDE. My final thesis was about how to calculate a special PDE and my paper pleased my tutor very much.

This year, I finished my first master degree in statistics at Fordham University after two years’ hard work. Due to this period of study, I was experienced in analyzing data with R Language. At the same time, I participated in the pre-mfe courses in Baruch University and finished the two courses of Advanced Calculus with Financial Engineering Applications and Probability Theory for Financial Applications with high scores. The study in pre-mfe courses further aroused my great interest in finance engineering. Its data handling and splendid math models appeal me deeply. In the modern society, finance is always a hot industry for all businessmen and companies. Thus, I choose finance as the application area of my ability of math models and statistics programming. To help me build a good career in the future, I had paid attention to establishing my interest in finance since my university period. In my college study, I minored in finance and acquired basic knowledge of finance and economy, especially the knowledge of macroeconomics and microeconomics. As to my further study at Fordham University, I selected courses on finance and economy to accumulate my knowledge in this area, such as Corporate FinanceFix IncomeOptions Futures, etc. The study of these courses gave me a brief understanding of the financial industry and contributed to my study in financial math models. As far as I am concerned, there are three main parts in the finance engineering: mathematics, computers, and knowledge of finance. I am very sure about my objective in studying finance engineering, and I am confident after years’ consistent preparations.

From my perspective, a good student requires not only the talent and the intelligence, but also the passion of learning and the ability of learning. I never stop my passion in mathematics, nor stop maintaining confidence in myself. There was a period in my college when I was addicted to computer games and dating, which led to the unsatisfactory performance of my study. However, when I realized that I lagged behind my classmates, I refused any contact with computer games and gave myself one month to catch up with others. I believed in my talent and my passion in mathematics, also the opinion that confidence and hard work could make miracles happen. After one-month efforts, I caught up with my classmates and earned high scores in several courses. I was happy to see my talent and had a higher eager for knowledge. In the study in IIT this semester, I topped the class in courses of Stochastic Processes and Mathematical Finance, with a score 20 points higher than the average. The professor praised me for my excellent performance, especially my performance of A in the Stochastic Processes course, which was difficult and limited only two persons to the performance of A. This performance further confirmed my potential in finance math engineering and encouraged me to pursue the knowledge of finance math engineering to a higher level.

In order to achieve success, a person needs an interest, an effective tool, a firmed objective, a personal characteristic, and an opportunity. My interest is mathematics which was established in my preliminary school. My effective tool is the computer which enables me to create math models to analyze statistics. My firmed objective is to apply mathematics and statistics in the financial industry for a broad development platform. My personal characteristic is my firm belief in my potential to achieve the goal I set. And the opportunity I need is the chance to pursue further my dream in finance math engineering in your university to exert fully my potential.