Should we Support Culture Assimilation or not?

代写论文展示案例Should we Support Culture Assimilation or not?

Some western countries adopt the policy of assimilating the culture of immigrants, most of them are Muslim immigrants. The government begins to issue legislation to regulate the behavior of them. They need to learn the local language, conform to the local law. The aim of the governments is to develop the local economy and culture. They do not want to introduce too much foreign culture. Instead, the government wants to propel the development of local economy. This opinion arouses the heat discussion among politics. Some of them think that it is necessary to assimilate culture, so that it can absorb the positive part of a country’s culture and turn the negative part of the culture into good. While others think that it is no need to absorb other countries’ culture, and it only needs to develop the culture of the big countries. While I stand on the former one.

I hold the perspective that we need to absorb the good part of the foreign culture and eliminate the bad part of it. We cannot deny that the culture of foreign countries, such as the culture of Muslims, has some beneficial part and it is worth for people to learn and study. At the same time, some parts of the foreign culture threat the main theme of contemporary harmony and peace. It is necessary for us to resist this kind of culture. And also we need to think about how to change the value of the people from those countries. Some culture of the big countries is excellent. The culture of those countries can enlighten the whole world people, so it is essential to treat their culture as the predominant culture.

All in all, it is important to notice that assimilate the culture of different countries although is essential, it also needs to show the individuality of a country’s culture.